4-week English Speaking Challenge!


Unlock Your English Speaking Abilities in a month!

Are you ready to boost your confidence in speaking English? My 4-Week English Speaking Challenge is designed to help you improve your fluency and expand your vocabulary. Join it and transform your English speaking skills!

What You Will Do in the Challenge:

On Monday, Wednesday, and Friday of each week:

Step 1. Learn

I'll teach you some new B1-C1 level vocabulary.
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Step 2. Do exercises

You’ll practise the new words through easy and engaging tasks to help you remember them.

Step 3. Answer questions

You’ll answer my questions using these words, helping you incorporate them into your active vocabulary.

Step 4. Have extensive speaking practice

You’ll do significant speaking tasks, such as retelling news stories, sharing your experiences and opinions, agreeing and disagreeing with different points of view etc.

Step 5. Get personalised feedback

You’ll send me all the speaking tasks as recorded messages and get corrections and explanations for your mistakes.

How it works:

  • All tasks will be delivered to you via Telegram or WhatsApp. You will view brief videos in which I explain the meanings of new words.
  • You will complete all the vocabulary exercises on Telegram or WhatsApp , recording your responses as voice messages and sending them to me for personalised feedback.

This is for You, if You

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…want to improve your speaking skills but lack conversation partners.
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…want to practise speaking English but feel too shy to do so in group settings.
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…seek correction and explanations for your mistakes without the high cost of private lessons.

About me

Hello! 🙌 My name is Yulia and I hold a Bachelor’s degree in Teaching English as a Second Language and a Cambridge CELTA certificate. Over 15 years of teaching, I have helped hundreds of ESL learners improve their English speaking skills, which has become my passion. I've pinpointed three essential strategies that enable learners to quickly start speaking English:
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  1. encouraging students to use new words in their speech immediately after learning them, rather than just passively remembering them.
  1. providing them with extensive speaking practice.
  1. giving them constructive feedback on how to express their ideas in better English.
Therefore, I have used all these strategies to design this challenge, making it highly beneficial for you! As it is my first challenge, the price is incredibly affordable, offering exceptional value for your investment.🤩
Relevant topics: Lifestyle. Travel. Health. Personality. Relationships.
Vocabulary Expansion: Learn new words and collocations and do exercises to remember them.
Controlled speaking practice. Use the new words in your speech while answering my questions.
Free speaking practice: Gain confidence in your spoken English through practical tasks.
Flexible Learning: Complete tasks at your convenience, fitting learning into your busy schedule
Personalised feedback: Receive corrections and tips tailored to your needs, helping you improve quickly.
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Outcomes: By the end of the challenge, you will:

  • Feel more confident in your English speaking abilities.
  • Have a richer ACTIVE vocabulary to express yourself more clearly and effectively.
  • Understand how to incorporate new words into daily conversation.
  • Upon completion of the course, you will be awarded a certificate of participation.

It’s As Good As Getting One-on-One Classes! 💫 


Frequently Asked Questions

When will the challenge start?
At the end of May or at the beginning of June.
What level of English is required to participate?
Your English proficiency should be at least A2 level. The vocabulary covered in the challenge ranges from B1 to C1 level.
If my level is B1 or higher, is this challenge suitable for me?
Yes! You might already know some of the words we'll cover in the challenge, but if you feel you need extensive speaking practice, you will definitely get it in this challenge!
How do I access the daily tasks?
All the tasks will be sent daily to a private group on Telegram or WhatsApp.
What happens if I have technical issues with recording or sending messages?
DM me immediately, and I will help resolve any technical difficulties.
What if I don’t submit a task on time?
You are advised to submit tasks within 24 hours after they are posted. If you fail to submit your tasks for correction on time, you can catch up by completing multiple tasks within the week they were assigned. For instance, tasks assigned in Week One can be submitted any time during that week. However, once Week One ends, you will no longer be able to submit those tasks.
Do I need to do all the tasks?
No, you decide which tasks to complete, but for best results, completing all is recommended.
Do I need to submit tasks at a specific time?
No, you can submit tasks whenever it is convenient for you — you are not tied to a strict schedule.
Is there a guarantee?
I offer a money-back guarantee for the first week of the challenge. If, for any reason, you are not satisfied with the program within the first week, you can request a full refund. Just send me a DM on Instagram within the first week of the challenge. Refund requests made after the first week of the challenge will not be eligible for a refund.
How do I pay?
By credit card or by PayPal

As I personally check and correct your tasks, only a limited number of participants will be admitted to the challenge. Don't miss this unique opportunity—it's a limited-time offer!

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